Working on cloud computing

Semantic Web and Multi-Agents Systems for adaptation in cloud computing

Elasticity of the cloud is an utmost issue for Cloud Computing. Nowadays this elasticity mostly addresses infrastructure modifications and only concerns run time scalability requirements (virtual machine migration, hot deployment of services, etc.). Context delivery (services modality) and end-user feedbacks, which are strongly related to Quality of Service (QoS) on one hand and on Quality of Experience (QoE) on the other hand, are both neglected.

In order to address the issue of Cloud elasticity including QoS and QoE, this PhD aims at proposing models and technologies in order to, on one hand, model infrastructure context, and on the other hand, propose adaptation strategies for the cloud(s) taking in to account both QoE and QoS. Models and technologies from the Semantic Web and Multi-Agent Systems will be considered in this study.

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