Fostering Uses and Usages of Open Sensor Data in Smart Cities (OpenSensingCity)

This project aims at supporting uses of open data streams generated by sensors deployed in smart cities. The open publication of sensor data brings innovation opportunities to data consumers. However, finding, using and making sense of such data is challenging. We will provide (1) technological solutions to help leverage open sensor data for city application developers, and (2) guidance to the actors of the open sensor data ecosystem by analysing the stakeholder strategies, defining usage scenarios and terminologies. Based on existing Semantic Web technologies, we will enrich data and publish them to an open platform, taking into account the new paradigm of streamed data. This major shift will be achieved by building new ontologies related to smart cities when necessary as well as a formalism for querying and combining streams in such a context. We will determine acceptable, usable and useful tools based on expectations and practices of the stakeholders to foster their appropriation.