Governance of a Machine-To-Machine Management Infrastructure


This project concerns the realisation of an agile governance application for a Machine-To-Machine (M2M) management infrastructure. M2M refers to technologies allowing the realisation of automated and advanced services and applications — e.g. smart metering, traffic redirection and parking management, etc. – that largely make use of smart devices — sensor and actuators of different kind, possibly connected through a Wireless Sensor and Actor Network (WSAN) – communicating without human interventions. As the technology is gaining maturity, there is a growing need for mutualised infrastructures in which applications can share a common set of devices in order to greatly reduce the costs of dedicated solutions.


In collaboration with OrangeLabs and on the base of the communication and IT infrastructure proposed in the Senscity Project, we are realizing a JaCaMo-based governance application in order to study how to proper adapt and evolve the Senscity infrastructure without experiencing scalability issues.


Project material