Permanent Staff:

  • Flavien Balbo (PhD & HDR, Full Prof) MAS, Transport
  • Michel Beigbeider (PhD, Associate Prof) Information Retrieval
  • Philippe Beaune (PhD, Associate Prof) MAS, Semantic Web, Machine Learning
  • Olivier Boissier (PhD & HDR, Full Prof) MAS, Multi-Agent Oriented Programming, Organizations
  • Philippe Jaillon (PhD, Associate Prof) Trust and Security
  • Roland Jegou (PhD, Associate Prof) Algorithmic
  • Maxime Lefrançois (PhD, Associate Prof) Semantic Technologies
  • Mihaela Mathieu (PhD, Associate Prof) Text Mining
  • Gauthier Picard (PhD & HDR, Associate Prof) MAS, Self-Organization, Distributed Problem Solving
  • Xavier Serpaggi (PhD, Associate Prof) Trust and Security
  • Antoine Zimmermann (PhD, Associate Prof) Semantic Technologies

Post-docs: PhD Students:

  • Alaa Daoud
  • Khadim Ndyaie
  • Pierre Rust
  • Iago Felipe Trentin

Previous Members: (under construction) Previous members of ISCOD (2011 - ), SMA (1996 - 2011) and RIM ( - 2011). ISCOD results from the merge of SMA and RIM research teams at ENS Mines Saint-Etienne.